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imagineRIT and Week 9

Erin Hazeltine on Wednesday, 06 May 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Clubs, Majors & Minors, Student Life

Week 9 is nearing an end, for me atleast. As I don't have class on Friday so therefor week __ starts on Friday's in my mind! With this being said it means the quarter is almost over. EEEEKK, this quarter compared to last quarter has been relatively stress free, it flew by! I think the low level of stress is the fact that is so bright and sunny out, it's nice to be able to come home and sit on the balcony without freezing.
This past week as Emily mentioned was ImagineRIT a creativity and innovation festival, which did bring some odd 25,000 visitors to campus. Six of them were from my family! On Saturday the day of the festival we arrived on campus somewhere around 10 and started in the WOW! center or the Gordon Field House as it more formally known as, and my Grandpa was having a ball of time. I think he was at one station for over 30-45 minutes. Now I was so happy to see my Grandpa so happy but I am not going to lie, I found the field house to be enertaining as a quick walk through but not a three hour stop! Finally we got him out of the feld house and moved on to the BRAND SPANKING NEW Innovation Center, opened on Saturday! My main goal was to find Cynthia and see what her "booth" was all about, the Job Safe, helping graduates from jobs. After she was found we moved on to building 70 where i thought alot of the cool stuff for the men (my dad, grandfather, and boyfriend) were going to be. Not much time was spent in that building I think because my Grandfather realized that he wanted the Science Buiding and it was already around 2! So we spend lots of time in engineering and in the science building, then we FINALLY made it over to the art building, but couldn't find the Graphic Design stuff, don't worry I put a complaint in!
So all-in-all it was a great day, just seeing my Grandfather so happy!
We took my grandfather back to the hotel so he could rest and then the rest of us went on an hour shopping excursion. We went to
Lori's Natural Food store, their bulk prices are AWESOME, if you need spices or like fresh loose leaf tea or coffee I highly suggest going there!
It was then back to the hotel and off to King David's at Park Point, a lowkey night. No one was at King David's and i think it was because everyone took use of their families and went to places that don't usually go.

I can't believe we only really have 1 week left of classes, that is CRAZY! Looking back this year has FLOWN by!
but with that said I guess that means that I should get to doing my homework/projects...

I will blog again in the near future, but I would highly suggest reading the articles about imagineRIT and sophomores and I guess Juniors you should come to campus next year (even though it is like the day after your deposit is due) just to check out what is going around on campus... I know my Grandpa wants to come here for school, and live in the studios/labs!

Best of luck as the school year nears to end for all you!