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#ImagineRIT on Twitter

Emily Okey on Thursday, 29 April 2010. Posted in Coursework

Imagine RIT is a festival that showcases the projects and things that students have been working on throughout the year.. and the festival just so happens to be taking place this Saturday! Last year, I volunteered at one of the information booths. This year, I'm going to be helping out at one of the exhibits for my Newsediting class. Basically we're going to be providing real-time news with a Twitter feed and a live blog of the festival all day. We're also working together with photojournalism students to get pictures for the stories. It's going to be pretty interesting to see it all come together. We've all been working on our own blogs (and Twitter skills) for the past quarter. Throughout the day we're going to be walking around our assignment area and looking for stories to cover and then tweeting in information on our phones or by computers around campus.

If you want to follow the updates tomorrow, my twitter ID is @redheadem or you can follow the hashtags #ritjourn or #imaginerit

I'll mostly be updating in the morning (there are over 30 students involved in this) because we've split up into morning and afternoon coverage. I'll be covering information from the "Think Tank" area which includes the area right outside of the library, the liberal arts building, and kodak and infinity quads. If you happen to live close to campus-- you should come check out the festival! I heard it's supposed to be 70 some degrees too which is fantastic. They're expecting 30,000+ people on campus for the event. My parents are coming up for the weekend and i'm pretty excited :)

You can go to to find out more about the specific exhibits that are going to be on campus. And here is the link that talks more about the live twitter feed.