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Indecision Time

Clarissa Baston on Wednesday, 15 April 2009.

It's my third year here at RIT.  That's insane to me because it feels like it was just yesterday I was stressing over what college I was going to choose!  I know for some of you guys, you're at the same point that I was three years ago.  And parents, I know it's a little stressful for you guys wanting the best for your kids and making sure they pick the right college. 

Since I wanted to major in something art related, the majority of colleges that I applied to were known for their strong art program.  RIT is obviously known more for the engineering and computing majors, so it was kind of my wildcard college.

 I always thought that I would be in a hardcore art school, like Pratt or FIT, surrounded by intense art kids, working on masterpieces that would be worth millions someday.  But when I someone suggested that I check RIT out.  That completely changed.  It wasn't your typical art school because it was mainly a technical school.  But that didn't take away from the program.  The computer labs made me weak at the knees...seeing all those beautiful Mac computers was a major selling point.  Seeing the work the students have done as well showed me the quality that was expected from your classes and also how good the professors were. 

My visit to RIT threw a me for a loop because it wasn't the school that I expected to like so much.  My plans of going to "art school" was quickly changing.  I didn't wanna make a rash decision, however.  I wanted to make the best decision that I could make; a decision that would really benefit me in the long run. 

So one day during my study hall, I narrowed my choices down to two colleges.  It was down to RIT and FIT (Fashion Institute of Tech.)  Once I did that, I made two columns and made a pros and cons list.  Some of the major factors were, program, price, scholarship offered, distance from home/location, class size, facilities and overall job oppurtunities.  Some of the minor factors were weather, guy-girl ratio, food choices, and campus layout. 

After I was done with this list, RIT came out on top and that's how I came to my decision!  So if you are out there pulling your hair out, trying to make a decision, this could be a good way to really get your priorities sorted.  You can even ask your parents for help.  But remember, it's ultimately your decision and you should go to a school that you feel fits the best.  So good luck and I hope to see a few of you on campus next year!!!