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Victor H Sanchez on Tuesday, 16 June 2009. Posted in Study Abroad


INSA at Rennes is the school where I am staying.  It stands for Institut National des Sciences Appliquées or in English National Institute of Applied Sciences. This is a public school for students in engineering. The majors offered at INSA are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Technical Communications, and Nano Technology. 

As I mentioned before INSA is a sister school to RIT, so they are international connections with one another. Every year INSA sends over 12 students to RIT for a semester from all different majors. INSA has many international students, during many time here I have seen many from Asia, and some from Central and South America and a few from other European countries; but almost none from the US.

The campus does not look as new as RIT. It actually looks kind of old. Its is a pretty small campus compared to RIT. The dorms are a 3min walk away from the academic side. The farthest thing from the dorms is the “Restaurant” (dinning hall); which is 4 min away, and the two bus stops which are 5 minutes away also. The buss that passes through the school comes almost every 8 minutes and it goes down to the center of the city where everything is.  (I will talk more about that later)

There are about 4 dorm rooms an average of 4 floors per building. I like the system to get in to the buildings. It is just a tap don’t have to swipe which makes it hand because you don’t have to look through your wallet for your ID card.

The dorm building that we are staying in has a mixture of a suit and studio dorms. The suit style the room itself is about 12 feet long by 7 feet wide. It is a single and on top of that you get your bathroom (which is the best part :-D). The suits share a common area, which is a kitchen that comes with a fridge, stove, a small table. The three guys got this style of room. The one girl that came and the teacher got a studio style which just means that you get the common area to yourself. I really can’t complain about the rooms.

I was unable to get a lot of the experience of the collleg elife here since most of the students are gone. I really can’t tell you anything about things such as clubs, and organizations other then a challenge where students drive to Morocco and deliver food, and help them engineer any project that may come up. INSA seems like a pretty nice school and am Really thinking about trying to come for a full semster.