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Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 25 September 2006.

well kids, i've done it. i made myself an ebay account. and now i am hooked.

actually, thats sort of a lie. i was hooked before i made my account. over the summer i started thinking of all the random crap i wanted but just didn't really know where to buy. mainly photo stuff. like scanners. polaroid cameras. etc etc. so i started browsing ebay.

i realized that ebay was like the world's biggest shopping mall. seriously. you name it, it's there!! i was amazed. but! i didn't sign up for an account because i knew once i did it would be all over. and really it worked for awhile. until i found a purse that i really really wanted that they don't even make anymore and when they did make it, it retailed for $76. it was up for $25. so i made an account. [insert evil foreboding music here -dun dun dunnnnn-]

i then learned lesson one of ebay: prices are quite low when there are 17 hours left in the bid because nobody is paying attention to them.

(i would like to insert here the fact that a door downstairs is opening and closing and nobody is home -- im freakin out)

a similar item came up and i once again bid. in fact, i was real close. three minutes left and i was still number one. and then with twelve seconds left some [obscenity] out bid me. [obscenity]. lesson number two: don't bother til the last 40 seconds.

so yet a similar item came up, only in a different print this time. and what happens? my internet decides right then to be like "mmm nap time." but only just like...safari and firefox. aim was still working fine. the bid ending. lesson three: always have back up.

by some strange miracle THE EXACT BAG I WANTED WAS UP AGAIN. woo. but my router was still acting sketch so i told my friend to log into my account and see how i was doing. luckily, i had already placed my bid. i kept getting on and off and random times, so i even upped it a bit. i WON and paid only $44 + shipping for something that retails for $76.

of course i have now been bitten by the bug and am really going to be the bankrupt college student. thank god it's only a debit card!

now, in other news. which i'm pretty sure i've made news in every entry. FALL. FALL FALL FALL.

what sort of horrible moderatly offensive thing should i be for halloween this year? some of my friends are contemplating going trick-or-treating around the dorms and possibly residential neighborhoods.

also, it's bad to punch in using the wrong numbers. very bad.