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Interviews, Ahoy!

Jane Homan on Thursday, 05 November 2009. Posted in Co-op

Lately one of the things I’ve been busy with is trying to find a co-op. Co-op (which is short for Cooperative) is basically a paid internship that is required for most of the majors here at RIT. It is also one of the reasons I chose RIT as my college because going on a co-op is a great way to experience what you’ll be doing with your major in the professional field. For me, I need two co-ops before I graduate and currently I don’t have any. So finding one right now is a major priority for me and therefore I’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare myself for interviews and the real world.


First what I did was go to the Fall Career Fair. It’s a fair in the Gordon Field House where a bunch of company representatives come to look for potential hires for jobs and co-ops. The field house was full of all different companies and you were able to find the ones that were looking for students in your major with a simple sheet of paper. I talked to several companies there and even got an interview the next day. It was definitely a great experience to have my first real interview with a company.


Next, I’ve been googling myself. Why would this help with interviews and such? Well, in classes professors have mentioned how some potential employers may check the internet to see if they could find out more about you. Whether it is from your Facebook or a blog that you write, they will look for anything to see if you’re hiring material. I googled myself and the first two links that came up for me were my Brick City Ambassador blog and the webpage for my academic fraternity, Gamma Epsilon Tau. I felt comfortable with this fact that now if potential hirers go to google my name those would be the only things they would find that relate to me. So, be careful what you put out there on the internet and be conscious of the fact whatever is out there will be seen.


Third, I’ve been checking Jobzone daily. Jobzone is through the Cooperative program here at RIT and it’s a place where you can go to check and see if companies have posted any announcements about looking for students to hire for a job or co-op. You can search by any major, where in the world you would want to go, and by quarter. You can upload your resume and then send it to that company if they request it in their post. It’s a great place to look and see what companies are looking for potential co-opers and it’s a great way to get connected.


That’s all I have for now. I just had another interview last night for the Cunard co-ops aboard the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria, and the Queen Elizabeth cruise ships. It went great and seems like it would be a great experience and co-op, so wish me luck!