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IoPP Packaging Jamboree 2012

Jacob Sachs on Wednesday, 21 March 2012. Posted in Clubs, Labs, Speakers, Student Life

Next weekend (March 29-31) RIT will host the annual IoPP Packaging Jamboree here on campus. You are probably wondering "What is the Packaging Jamboree?"

Well, this event is a student conference bringing all of the schools with Packaging Science programs for a weekend of networking opportunities, a chance to hear from speakers in the industy, compete in a design challenge, and for those students not from RIT, an opportunity to see the RIT Packaging labs and facilities.

The schools participating include RIT, Michigan State, Wisconsin Stout, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Cal Poly.

The theme for the Jamboree this year is "The Consumer Connection". In today's industry, companies are using packaging to market their message to consumers through social media, such as QR Codes, Twitter, Facebook, and many other mediums.

As someone who works in Social Media at RIT, I was really excited to hear when we had decided on this theme and have jumped in on working for the event. I have recently taken on the VP position of the RIT IoPP Chapter as well.

For more information about the Jamboree, visit the Facebook Page, our Blogger account, and our Twitter.

Be sure to check in with me on Twitter @RIT_Jacob for updates in my life, along with the Jamboree, and check out my blogs as well.