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Is There Anything to Do Around Here?

Emily Okey on Sunday, 11 January 2009. Posted in Athletics, Clubs, Student Life

Yes, students at RIT can find things to do on weekends. And no, it does not have to include playing computer games.

In fact there are quite a few things to do here on any given night to fit your every need. 


CAB (or College Activities Board) is responsible for most of the entertainment around here dealing with concerts, local bands, comedians, magicians, etc. These events usually take place on Friday or Saturday nights around 10 or 11. And they onlycost $1! Throughout the year there are usually two or three major concerts (like cute is what we aim for, boys like girls or nas—this year’s concerts) and then a number of smaller bands, which are usually from around the Rochester area. Friday night “The Demos” came to play at the Ritz. They’re a local band made up of 5 guys from the Rochester area.

Saturday night we went to see Johnny Walker, a comedian. The venue is really small so it makes it more personal and you can even go up and talk to them after! They might not be the biggest names in show business but it’s still a good way to spend a Friday or Saturday night :)



One of the best things about RIT, social life wise is…hockey games! Men’s hockey is RIT’s only division 1 sport on campus and the games are awesome. Seriously, I’ve been waiting since the week before break for this game, they’re that good. I could sit here and tell you more about how amazing they are but sometimes I think it’s best to see for yourself so at the last two games I took some videos. Hopefully it gives you a feel for what an RIT Hockey game is and you’ll be motivated to go check them out.


Of course, I can’t leave out the other sports. So, today we went to see both the Men and Women’s basketball teams play Ithaca College. The women’s team unfortunately lost in a close match. However, the men’s team pulled off an exciting win against the Ithaca Bombers. The last basket was freaking amazing, I’m kind of upset that I didn’t have my video camera out at the time. A three point shot from about half court right as the buzzer was announcing the end of the game allowed the Tigers to pull of an 87-84 win.