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It may be raining but certainly not on my parade

Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 01 October 2008. Posted in Co-op

After forgetting my book but remembering my umbrella but seeing no sign of rain and being sick and tired because I had a meeting til 11pm last night I wasn't so sure this day would be any good.

At all.

And I was wrong.

As usual.

I arrived at work and headed down to the studio for my first in studio interview.  We interviewed this fun little band called The Virgins.  For all you Gossip Girl crazies 5 of their songs were featured on 1 episode creating quite the buzz.  They have also been featured on Entourage and a couple other CW shows.  And they're pretty fun guys.  Had me and the camera crew laughing.

Because we were in the studio we had a camera crew that did all the work I normally do (i.e. setting up and filming)  so I just sat around which was sweet except it was super cold in there.

Ah well.

So after the interview I rushed upstairs and got to work transcribing which takes a couple hours.  But Joe (my immediate boss) needed it transcribed so he could paper cut it so we could have it ready in time for the editors. 

For some crazy reason this interview has to be done and ready by Friday.

Which from what I've gathered in my three weeks of vast a short amount of time in comparision to what we normally have. 

So I busted that out and now I am sitting here updating you all on my super exciting life because it's 20 minutes until the end of the day and there is nothing left for me to do because I got everything done because


In other news, I took a super wonderful 4 days off and went back up to Vermont with my wonderful friend Nate who was my date for this excellent wedding.  He let me drag him all over the state seeing all the places I hadn't been to in a while and seeing all the kids I hadn't seen in years.  Including going to my highschool which I hadn't returned to since graduation (and I guess briefly for my brothers graduation) to deliver some pictures to my old Engligh teacher.  Who has an in at Burton (one of the many places I would love to work...they let you bring your dog to work which means I could get a puppy) which is why it pays huge to be nice to your teachers (if not during then definitely after).

The leaves were in full changing mode and were abnormally gorgeous this year.

This week looks pretty lax as well.  For some reason I'm not scheduled at Trader Joe's which I need to go get scheduled for as much as the prospect of ANOTHER weekend off is super tempting.  However, I am super broke as my mom will happily volunteer to anyone who might ask and she's itching for me to get some paychecks in the bank and start spending my own money so that I can stop spending hers.  I suppose what she really wants if for me to stop spending money all together but old habits die hard.

P.S.-any job that pays you (even if it's a super dismal amount) to listen to the Artic Monkeys (or whatever comes on Pandora next) and surf the internet while you're not busy interviewing famous people is pretty much the best job ever.  Now if they just let me bring my dog to work they've got some bargaining power for when I finally graduate from RIT and need a REAL job.

And on a side note--it is now raining here so that umbrella will prove to come in handy even if it doesn't save me from the certain deathly boredom that awaits me on the train ride home.