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It pays to have a second home!

Erin Hazeltine on Sunday, 12 September 2010. Posted in Dining, Student Life, The Arts

As I sit here listening to the Jazz music provided by the AMAZING people at Lovin'cup I think about all the late nights spent here, listening to music (which we usually just happened upon) in our study sessions, or an evening out. But for 2 years now I have frequented Lovin'cup a lot.  But since Lovin'cup came to this world, it is located JUST off campus in Park Point) it has been my go to study, get work done, eat good food, talk with awesome people place! Today my boyfriend and I went here not knowing they were still keeping their summer Sunday hours of not opening till 4, and Erik a co-owner opened the doors for us said "I am not sure if you guys were aware but we are not opening till 4 but please feel free to grab a cup of coffee", mind you its was like 1pm 3 hours before opening time. It is this generosity and care that I love in this world, and that we need more of. Now we are back at Lovin’cup a mere 5 or 6 hours later enjoying our beverages and doing our boatloads of weekend homework and listening to a soothing jazz to end the week, we were greeted with “your back, thank you!” and impeccable service.


I strongly suggest that wherever you are RIT, or elsewhere to find a place off campus or away from your dorm that you can frequent on those hard nights or those days you just have to get out but you just don’t have the time! Maybe you won’t go to this place two, three maybe even four times a week like we do and have all management personal know you by name and open doors for you, or ask you to suggest what brewery they should bring in next, or design a coffee drink for you because they know you so well and know that you must want more than just a spiced chai tea with a shot, but rather just a comforting place to go!


Now if you are already at RIT and still reading this get out there find your place! If you are just applying, stop into Lovin’cup or a nice coffee drink or smoothie or a night of jazz or the local music scene!

(i could go on about my passion for Lovin'cup but I will save it!)

(disclaimer no I am not getting paid to sell Lovin'cup to you!)