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Its Been A While

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 17 September 2007. Posted in Co-op

Howdy all, It's been a while since I last posted, I know I Know, i'm sorry but life takes priority over blogging when things get busy. I have since my last post left Johnson and Johnson and am now co-op'ing at a local consulting company in the area I live. The company is Lime Systems. I am the network engineer. I absolutely love this job. I have been working here for the past few months part time while I was at JnJ. I definitely recommend Lime Systems for a co-op for anyone who is looking.
    Another interesting tid-bit is that I am a salary employee; what that means is that I have the pleasure of  working 40+ hours a week for the same  pay, the upside is that my salary is higher than what it would have been as  an hourly employee. One of the things i remember from my childhood was the deep desire to be salary, i someone got it in my head that it was better to be salary that it is just what you do. I can now finally say that i have accomplished that goal.
   Being on co-op in the fall is a very strange experience, in fact being on co-op at any time during a normal academic year is strange. For the past 17 years or so I have been going to school, like clockwork every September 1-4, so it is weird to not be doing that currently. I miss my friends who are now done co-op'ing and are back taking classes, living in our apartment and enjoying the good life. But who is to say I am not living the good life? Everything is amazing and awesome for me. I have decided that it is a different life; one where you are not in school anymore and you have that daily commute for that 9-5 job. This has been a great taste of what my life will/could be like for the next 50 years in the work force and for that I deeply appreciate this experience because I will go back to school and I will continue to learn, I think of this as a test run for the rest of my life.