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It's official

Joe Conley on Friday, 20 January 2006.

It's official, I picked the right career path:

Chicks Dig Game Programming

From the article:
...'Girls 'n Games,' a program meant to give young teen girls a chance to show their skills and develop a bonafide videogame. 16 girls spent one night over four weeks with Catto, who provided them with a known videogame character, creation software, and asked them to have at it.

Surprisingly enough, the program was a success and none of the girls dropped from the program over its month-long journey. Each of the girls even managed to

come up with their own, unique game. "I saw the light go on. I saw the sparkle in their eyes," he said of the experiment.

Anything to foster diversity within the industry is great, and if there's more people like 14 year-old Maryann Smith, who created a female version of Mario named Marieo and several playable levels, we're headed in a good direction. "I learned that making games isn't easy, like I thought it was," she said. "But it was fun. And now my friends want to learn too."