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it's that time again! (2007)

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 30 January 2007. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework, Institute Requirements

Registration time!! no, this isn't a minute by minute account of the registration process which i have previously written at the "why am i alive" hour of 5:45 in the morning. and since i won't be doing that next week [long story short - it involves moving to florida], i've decided to write about the other painful process of registration: picking your classes.

in every major, there are certain classes required to graduate. RIT tells you when to take these classes. it does not make things easier. because even though you know which year and which quarter to take them, it does not help you pick out which professor or which section you want to take it. and then there's all the liberal arts and electives that you have to take. and sometimes the classes you want to take are only offered at the times that classes you have to take are offered. so you finally organize your schedule. then it's registration time. and BAM. you hit snooze on your alarm. you wake up and it's 5:59. your computer takes forever to start up. you can't get into the system. the class you want is filled. you didn't plan a back up schedule. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

this planning is getting to my head. i can't figure out what i want to take for my last liberal arts. i can't figure out which photo class i want to take because now it's not based on time like last year or professor like earlier this year but what on they're actually teaching!! it's a little overwhelming.

so...superbowl. i honestly have no clue what teams are playing each other. to me, the superbowl is a collection of commercials interuppted by some football. i heard that there's one commercial this year where somebody is proposing. i've been addicted to watching superbowl commercials since i was a kid. in second grade, i was not allowed to watch tv for that weekend for some reason but i snuck watching tv to watch the commercials. and i remember the "bud" "weis" "er" commercial with the frogs. and the commercial where the bird flew into the garage door. and the commercial last year with the magic fridge.

well, time to stop procrastination [i just searched google for superbowl commercials] and time to start doing homework. well, maybe i'll eat first...maybe.