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it's the most wonderful time of the year

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 24 October 2007. Posted in Student Life

i love fall. i just thought i should let you all know that. this past weekend, in addition to going to photo expo in new york, i was also able to go home. the long drive was great for seeing all the lovely fall foliage. i think anybody who didn't spend part of last weekend outside should be punished.


what a pretty view as the sun sets on the drive to my aunt's house

so what else did i do this weekend besides enjoy the leaves? well, thursday after my swing dance class, arion, kara, and i packed up the car and before we started the long drive, we stopped at wegmans to get some snacks. arion bought a box of some sugary snack cake called "party cakes". we got on the highway, he ate like five of them and then fell asleep. the ride home wasn't too interesting. at a rest stop, kara and arion decided to act like the photo majors they are and take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.


after that rest stop, arion fell asleep again and kara and i decided to have sing-a-long time. we went for the classics like ace of base, madonna, alanis morisette, tlc, and spice girls. arion woke up in time for "wannabe" and started singing along. we got home around 8:30 and elena came over for dinner and then we watched a bunch of movie trailers before going to bed.

friday, after an incident of me being a klutz, we headed to the train station. kara had never been on a train before and she was real excited. we were going to take a "first time on the train" picture with her standing next to the train, sort of like how parents do when their kid takes the school bus to kindergarten, but the train didn't really stop long enough for us to do that. so instead we settled for one on the train.


on the train, i also took a pretty amazing picture, but we didn't realize how amazing it was until later on in the trip, so i'll save it for the end of what is turning into a very long entry. we got to the city and walked from grand central to the javits center where photo expo was being held. we had to pick up our badges, which we had registered for on wednesday night. it says your name and where you're from and what organization you represent. so mine said RIT and kara's said RIT school of photography. well...arion didn't know that they were going to print all that information on a name tag that we would have to wear. so his said RIT rocking photography. after expo, we decided to be tourists for a bit and walk around. unfortunately, it was raining. boo.


there we are in times square! ah and there's a poster for rent in the background!! later that night there was an RIT alumni reception. current students were invited and since a lot of alumni were in town for the expo, i got to see a lot of former RIT students, some of which i knew from the past two years. it was really nice hearing what they were up to and also thinking that in a few years, that will be me!!

saturday morning, instead of kara and i taking the train home right away, we decided to live out a scene from our favorite movie, breakfast at tiffany's. we walked up fifth ave, deciding not to get food until a few blocks before 57th otherwise we would have eaten it. so we got our pastries and put on our big sunglasses and took breakfast at tiffany's pictures.


we took the train home and my mom took us out for MORE breakfast. we were exhausted and felt kinda gross from being in the city for thirty hours without a shower or change of clothes.


i think this picture shows how we felt when we got home. after we cleaned up, we wandered around my neighborhood being photo kids and shooting and enjoying the weather.


i don't know why kara isn't looking at the camera. i had one with more leaves visible but it cut our faces off haha. that night we went out to dinner with my entire family for my uncle's (insert big number that he prob doesn't want me revealing) birthday.


there's me and my puppy!!! he's fourteen and a half. he's a black lab collie mix. sunday morning, kara and i went out to breakfast with some friends. then we decided to go to a park (this is when running around singing all you need is love comes into play and no i'm not posting that video). so wanna hear a funny story?


why are we sitting next to my car? well...okay so we're gonna walk around in a park and i don't wanna carry a purse around. so i say to kara "i'm going to take my camera, cell phone, and keys and leave the purse." and i take my camera and i stand up and put it in my pocket and then i see a spider. and i slam the car door. which, out of habit, is locked. leaving the cell phone and keys in the car. spider 1 manda 0. luckily, we asked the people next to us to borrow their phone and we called my mom who came and unlocked the car for us. we then proceeded to run around fields and beaches and trails.


that's pretty much the end of our trip. the highlight of our trip back was that another group of expo kids got back to colony the exact same time we did. i leave you with the most epic picture of this journey. we didn't notice what the newspaper said until later.


the picture is only half the story.