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iWoz So Happy...

Adam Richlin on Monday, 02 July 2007. Posted in Student Life, The Arts

The Brick City Weekend speaker was just announced, and I fell out of my chair!

Brick City Weekend is our fall festival half way through 1st quarter. Every year, we have a party on campus with all of the clubs and activities hosting different events and things to do. (In great excess of the usual amount of activities on campus!)

Each Brick City also features a major musical act, Horton Distinguished Speaker, and a major comedian. Tickets to these events tend to sell out really quickly, as we get major names for all of the events.

This year's distinguished speaker is STEVE WOZNIAK, of Apple fame! The full announcement is on student government's website, . I'm curious to hear what his speech topic will be.

The comedian will be HOWIE MANDEL, from Deal or No Deal. We heard about this last spring, I believe at the Ben Folds concert in the Field House.

As for history, the last two years have been full of great names as well... 2005 was John Stewart, Rudi Guiliani and Yellowcard. 2006 had Panic at the Disco, Erin Brockavich, and Brad Garret (from Everybody Loves Raymond). Robert Redford was also here in 2004, but I didnt get to see him.