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Jet Engine Basics

Patricia Schiotis on Sunday, 24 June 2012. Posted in Co-op

Week two of #pattieinthenati was again full of adventures around the GE Aviation campus and in the city of Cincinnati.  The highlight of this week was a “Jet Engine Basics” class I took through my co-op.  When I started, I knew next to nothing about how the engines actually worked, but after the class I now understand basic information about what people refer to everyday at the office.  If any of you are curious about how a jet engine works, GE Aviation has a tutorial available online.

Following the “JEB” class, I attended a farmers market that is available weekly on the GE campus.  Nothing like fresh fruits and veggies to bring home!  But my favorite purchase was the Pumpkin Gingerbread, absolutely DELICIOUS.  Next week, I plan on purchasing not one, but two loafs since I devoured the bread in only two days.

Thursday for my lunch at work, a bunch of us from the office made a trip over to LaRosa’s Pizzeria.  When we attended the Reds game the week before, the reds pitchers stuck out 11 batters, and when they do, all fans in attendance gets a free small 4-topping pizza with their ticket!  The pizza was alright, but not nearly as good as pizza you find up in New York but I would take anything that is free!

During the weekend, I attended 2 reds games, since my roommate is a Twins fan and the reds had an interleague match up against them.  Although I am still a die-hard Yankee fan, the reds are starting to grow on me, maybe it’s because I have attended 3 games in the 2 week span of living in Cincinnati.  Friday's game was "Fireworks Friday" so after the game was a display for the fans.  Also this weekend, one of my best friends, Paulina, came to visit while she apartment hunted for her move down here next month when she starts her job at Toyota! Luckily she found an apartment, which turned out to be less than a mile from my apartment, totally unplanned!
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On Saturday, we visited the Findlay Market, which was an open air market in downtown Cincinnati.  After we attended the market, we made our way up to the Greek Panegyri Festival, which everyone at work recommended.  Lots of different attractions were present, but my favorite part of the festival was by far the pastries.  I enjoyed the Baklava (both traditional flavor and a chocolate one) and tried another pastry that was very Greek in name.
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Another successful week here in the nati, and I am anticipating even more to come!