jimmy fallon

Amanda Williams on Tuesday, 14 October 2008. Posted in Student Life

some of my fellow alumn friends and I went to see jimmy fallon this past friday at the field house.  it was a lot better then I expected it to be!  most comedians come to RIT and make fun of the obvious, being a tech school and the interpreters.  jimmy fallon came out wearing an RIT sweat shirt and the only RIT joke that he made was that we weren't a university but an institute and that we were "institutionalized." I borrowed a camera and was all ready to take pictures for you but I realized you can bring cameras into the field house for special events! Sorry!

RIT started this whole virtual reunion deal for our alumn.  go check it out here.  you can see photos, videos, and blogs from the whole brick city weekend.  they even had live streaming video throughout the weekend for alumn that couldn’t make it back, CRAZY.