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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 13 December 2007. Posted in Campus Safety

this is pretty much the opposite of my last entry.

i don't feel well. it happens to the best of us, especially in this weather. getting sick in college isn't like getting sick when you live at home. you don't have mom coming saying "you faker get up and go to school" or when you actually are sick, taking care of you. so how do you take care of yourself?

in your dorm/apartment...give your roommates a head's up. you don't want them to catch anything and you also don't want them getting on your case about you holing up in your room. also, they might want to give that cup and extra rinse before drinking just in case you used it. this is probably the worst part. you don't have your own room to sulk around or your own bathroom to hog. if you are feeling a bit better, make some chicken noodle soup!!

for your classes...most professors understand that stuff happens and will let an absence or two slide. however, don't abuse this and stay home early in the quarter for something like a cold!!

healthcare...the on campus convenience stores sell basic cold and cough medicine if it's something minor. we also have a health center on campus with real doctors and nurses who can help you out. just make sure you show up for your appointment! i'd also recommend getting a doctor off campus if your insurance will let you. if you have a true emergency, there is an ambulance service on campus that can get you to a hospital.

the best thing though is to just avoid getting sick!! don't share drinks, wash your hands, eat well, drink plenty of OJ, sleep, and dress warm!! it's cold out there.

and in weather news, it's snowing. a lot.