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Just Press Play: Earning Achievements While Going to School

Melody Kelly on Thursday, 08 November 2012. Posted in Majors & Minors

By earning achievements, I do not mean gaming during a class lecture. What I do mean is participating in Just Press Play, a program developed by RIT’s School of Interactive Games and Media (IGM) with the support of Microsoft Research Connections.

So, what is Just Press Play? It’s a game where IGM students can earn achievements for completing tasks in real life. Achievements can range from social to academic to creative. Each achievement has a card that students can collect. Pictured below are some of my cards. I have 13 achievements so far. From Just Press Play's relaunch at the beginning of this quarter until now, students have received over 2,500 achievements! 


One achievement that I hope to accomplish before the end of the quarter is “Tona Henderson: The Meritorious Order of Pie.” Professor Henderson teaches my Introduction to Interactive Media class, and to collect her achievement card, I will have to show her a picture of me eating pie. It shouldn’t be too painful to complete her task. Many other professors and faculty members have their own achievements to be conquered. An example of a more academic achievement is the “Undying” achievement. Basically, all players receive the achievement if 90% of IGM students pass their introductory programming courses. This is not only an incentive for new IGM students to work hard and help out their classmates. It also encourages upperclassmen to offer their own help and even hold review sessions, since everyone can receive the achievement.

I am a second year, but this is my first year as a student in the School of Interactive Games and Media. I switched into New Media Interactive Development, and I am so happy that I did! Just Press Play is just one perk that contributes to my happiness about making the switch.