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Lactic Acid is your friend

Arthur Johnston on Thursday, 28 September 2006. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

Whenever you work out for long periods of time you build up lactic acid, its what makes your legs hurt when you go for a run. Today after practice my legs felt like they were nothing but lactic acid.

During the fall season of rowing we row about 3 miles or 6 kilometers. This distance varies from race to race but a distance of between 5 and 6 kilometers is average. So today we did a 6k test on the machines and then a 5k warm up on the water followed by a 5k race piece. And then tonight I rowed about 8k again. So I pulled a grand total of 24k today or 14.4 miles today. So I'm completely wiped out and tomorrow we are going to be lifting which means tonight before bed I am going to stretch out and try really hard not to think about tomorrow. For now it's nap time