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Erin Supinka on Monday, 16 April 2012.

theLoop has gotten me all excited. Even though I'm not an accepted student, I'm still so excited to see other College of Liberal Art (COLA) students. Since we're a smaller bunch, I normally don't get to connect with any of you until we're actually in classes together!

I seriously watched the Accepted Student Facebook page like a hawk, waiting for more COLA. With theLoop, not only did I find more students in my college but also someone who is actually in my major, journalism! Which NEVER happens until I'm actually in class with them or signing them in at Orientation. Us RIT journalism students are a small bunch, we're only a couple dozen strong. So I get really excited when I see new students coming to RIT. 

Since I'm so pumped about theLoop and finding more journalism students even before they get to campus, I thought I'd share what's going on with me in one of my classes.

I'm currently taking eJournalism II, which as the name hints to, is a class based on journalism online. This means blogging, tweeting, interactive content, etc.

For this section of the class, we were required to start a blog. Since I have and write for several blogs, this is pretty exciting. I blog for fun. Now I get to do it for class credit.

So I started

Since I'm decently accustomed to blogging, I chose to switch up what I blog about. My niches are fitness and nutrition and of course, RIT. So I wanted to challenge myself and decided to pick a topic I'm completely new at.

Now, I personally think the title gives away a little bit about what the blog is about. I'm currently living on a $40 or less a week budget. Yup. That's right.

Everything I buy in a week needs to total $40 or under by the end. That includes: grocery, gas, school supplies, any extra curriculars thats cost money and any shopping I do for myself or my apartment.

Now, I've been told I'm crazy- that spending $40 dollars a day is a more normal feat.

However, $40 x 7 days a week =  $280

...Let's just say, I don't have that kind of money. I am in college...

So at the beginning of each week, I try to account for all possible expenses. Driving to work, making dinner, grabbing a snack on campus, whatever I might need to spend a couple buckaroos, I try to factor in to the $40 I get to spend a week.

(You can check out the break down of how much I spend on what here)
I don't just blog about what I spend or how I spend it, but also where I can score free food, how I save money and other little nifty posts on how I make this budget work. 

It is definitely a great learning opportunity. I get to bounce ideas off and work with other people who have more blogging experience than me and help those who have less. 

I have an awesome professor, Hinda Mandell, who has been helping out everyone along the way. (Plus she makes gorgeous jewelry and these really cool "big mouth" creatures) She even hooked us up with a local blog,, where we get to "intern" and post for a week. Its run by Thomas Belknap, who has continued follow what we're doing on stuff that we post that isn't directly related to him (Extremely helpful and retty cool of him. He's a pretty cool guy).

I haven't gotten to work with him yet. My opportunity comes week nine, but I'll definitely let you know how it goes! 

This opportunity tied in with my political blogging experience for the Democrat and Chronicle (the Rochester paper) from my class in the fall is definitely a testament to the journalism program at RIT.

Definitely check out my latest blog, offer feedback, comment, whatever! It all will help me as I work my way threw. 

And as alway, you can follow my every day, crazy life via my twitter!