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Let's Talk Classes

Emily Okey on Monday, 17 January 2011. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors, Student Life

This blog could also be named: The Quarter I Lost My Sanity, Let’s Go Insane.. etc.


An RIT courseload is anywhere from 12-18 credits. The typical amount is usually around the 14-16 category. I took 19 credits one quarter and immediately regretted that. Of course, it all depends what classes you’re taking and if they are very project/group work heavy.

At the beginning of this quarter I was signed up for 17, however, on second glance that seemed like a really, really awful idea. I already missed the first week of classes to go to Italy and winter quarter is especially tough because there is a 2 week break in the middle of it so I get all out of school mode.

I have since settled on 14 credits (4 classes) which hasn’t seemed like a bad idea. Until now.

I’ve stopped writing down and thinking about the massive quantity of things that I need to accomplish this week.

One of my classes is Information Design (dealing with charts, forms, graphs, maps, etc). The thing about this class is that we get a new project every week. As in.. it’s assigned Monday afternoon (sometimes not until Tuesday morning) and then it’s due the following Monday. SUPER stressful. These are big projects too. I guess it’s both a good and a bad thing. I really like working at a fast pace so I don’t get bored of anything (and it simulates real-world job experiences). However, my sleep and sanity levels take a significant toll.

So far our assignments have been to make a table of contents, a form design for a camping grounds place, a 3D graph of something personal to us, a political campaign graphic and a how-to poster (shared an image of that in a previous post).

This week our assignment is to make a map of a park/beach in CA -- complete with a logo, symbols, etc. It seems like a really cool project... that is going to take every free second of my life between now and Monday. Hopefully I can get some screenshots up here once I’m finished.

For my Interactive Design class we are working on learning action script to make a website (due THURSDAY!). I’m actually pretty happy with how mine is turning out so far. I decided to go with a really illustrative approach for it so I’m drawing out the entire website (buttons and all). We’ll see how the final product turns out soon... right now none of my code is working =)

I’m also taking Principles of Marketing and Design Thinking and Concept Development which both have pretty large group projects. I’m really excited about my Design Thinking class so check back soon for a post all about that.

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