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Life in a Day: July 24

Alissa Anderson on Tuesday, 27 July 2010. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life


Anyone out there participate in the “Life in a Day” movement on July 24th, 2010? According to the youtube page and what I heard though the grape vine, producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald are heading a global experiment for the world’s largest user-generated film. On July 24th Kevin and Ryan gave the world 24 hours to shoot and upload footage from the day. If your footage is chosen you get credit in the documentary that hopefully will make it to the Sundance Film Festival.

For the full story:


Check out the rules (note: NO LIMITS) 



The Creators:



The Mission: 












I think these world wide missions are really really awesome and there is no better time to partake in something like this then when you are in college. A friend of mine was filming his life for the program so I managed to get on camera i Rochester for bridge jumping and a trip to Sticky Lips BBQ.... we even managed to video record the men dancing in the truck next to us at the red light on our way home! Hopefully our footage will be used.  Our clip has not been posted yet, but I'm sure youtube is full Rochester videos and students. So if you participated let me know! Post it to the blog. 



Wishing I was a film student.....