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Life is Funny

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 28 January 2006.

Funny little story. So yesterday (Friday) it was a counselors birthday, well first let me preface that WE know how to party in admissions. There is always tons of food and we love parties. So on Thursday night before the “Chat and Phone Power” we decorated his office with balloons and other things. First off those billons were very hard to blow up it took us like twenty minutes to blow up fifty and we have five of us doing it. So it was all done, the next morning I am at work doing inputting then a fire alarm goes off, I think it’s a joke because I could see someone doing that as a birthday trick. But alas no it’s real so we wait outside for the alarm to go off. While I am waiting outside I find out that the counselor could not blow out the candles. I feel really bad for him, he is a young guy and what not. Well not to be too mean, they were trick candles so he couldn’t blow them out J.
Not too much has gone on with me for the past week. Just class and work really. I haven’t done anything really fun for about a week now. So in order to remedy that I am going to go out tonight with some friends maybe hit a few clubs and have some fun.
What has gone on briefly though in the world of gaming is that I have co-created a clan for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne with a buddy of mine. That seems to be promising, hopefully we can win a few tournaments and make a name for us, but who really cares it’s just a game. But why not have fun? So the fun makes things fun, I know it may sound weird but its fun.
Alas its time for the “Dotes Song” this post song…. Hmm... It has only been a day since my last post but I guess I must have a new one. But I strongly feel you should listen to the last songs DKAS. This post’s song is: “Stranded” by Jeremiah Freed. A great song definitely worth a listen to.
-The coolest dude ever