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Life, the Universe, and RIT

Vivian Liao on Friday, 29 May 2009. Posted in Student Life

It’s been a week since I’ve finished my first year of college. I can’t believe my first year is over and done.  I’ve said bye to my friends for the summer.  I can’t wait for school to start again in August.

There are several things I’ve learned during my stay at RIT about life in general and about myself:

1.       Easy Mac needs water.


It’s amazing how many people forget to add water when making Easy                     Mac. 


2.       The more effort you invest into getting to know people the more people are interested in getting to know you.


My friends sometimes tease me for “knowing everyone on campus,”   which is far from true.  In the first few weeks of school, I attended various events hosted on campus as well as got to know everyone on my floor and even people from  other floors. I’ve been blessed to know amazing people, because I took the time and effort to get out there and meet people.


3.       There’s more than one way to have fun.


Having fun doesn’t always come with a party, sometimes it comes with hanging out with your friends, watching Disney movies and singing along to all the songs, or just relaxing.  


4.       Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.


College is a great place to be a kid. I never imagined spending my late nights with my friends singing and dancing around to Mulan songs, or making little Lego robots.  Don’t be too worried about heading off the work force quite yet.  Enjoy the time you’ve still got to be a kid with your friends.


5.       There’s ALWAYS something to do.


Regardless what time it is, there’s always something to do.   It may be mundane things like homework, sleep, or cleaning the room.  Other times there fun things to do like playing video games with friends, going to clubs, or just good old roommate bonding time.

RIT is an amazing place to go to school. There  are so many opportunities to take advantage of. I hope to see you all at RIT.