little league world series

Amanda Williams on Thursday, 28 August 2008.

Last week work took me to the little league world series.  For three weeks our company goes down and sets up a full security system to help ensure the safety of the players.  I went down for three days to help with video monitoring, access control, and badging.  Little league world series has a culture of its own.  There are a few things to know before you head to the llws. 

1.    Bring a cardboard box. Why you ask?  Because you will be riding it down it on a dirt hill.  Behind the main stadium is a gigantic hill.  On the first level people cut off the back legs of their chairs and sit on the hill.  On the second half kids of all ages slide down the hill on card board boxes.  The bigger and the flatter the better!  I didn’t get the chance to ride down the hill myself because I was in work clothes. 

2.    Bring pins to trade!  Trading pins is another tradition of the world series. Players bring pins from their home countries and all the corporate sponsors bring them as well. I picked up two for free, but the complete set of official llws series pins sells for sixty dollars.

3.    Admission is free.  Almost everything at llws is done by donation or through volunteers.  The food is cheaper and the admission is free, but you have to know someone to get the good tickets (we got hooked up behind home plate).  You’ll save more money by catching a little league game then going to a major league game.

I woke up in the mornings, worked until noon then watched games for the rest of the evening.  I learned a lot about our system and seeing in action was useful.  Below are some pics.


on the filed with the Europe team


video monitoring