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Living Your "Own" Testimony!

Daniel Nwosu on Thursday, 07 March 2013. Posted in Student Life

About two months into this school year, I started experiencing random moments during the day with a feeling like something was missing.  It  was a bit confusing because I felt like I was already involved in quite a few activities: Varsity Track and Field (training), RIT's National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and even fencing to name a few.  I was occupied and I had no clue what was bothering me deep down inside me.  Even through active participation, I still felt a little empty.  But wait.  AHH-HAA! I figured it out! I hadn't gone to a single Christian service since I came to RIT; let alone play the drums which is a passion of mine. 

Drumming for Christian events (churches, weddings, christian concerts) was a huge part of my life prior to attending RIT. Stopping this activity abruptly just felt weird.  I played at so many churches and Christian concerts back in Maryland.  It had become a driving force in my intimacy with God.  I guess the transition to a new area, not going to any services, and not playing the drums, really got to me.

A few days later, I decided to go on a church hunt.  As I walked through the "scorching hot flames" of the fireside lounge :), towards the interfaith center, a lady popped right out of her seat and walked directly to me.  Weird right? In my heart I knew God was up to something so I went with the flow.  I told her what I was interested in doing which was to find a place of worship and possibly playing the drums there.  Her face lit up!  Although she gave an objective response by referring me to the many opportunities the Interfaith Center had, I had a feeling she was quite interested.  We exchanged each other's contact information and I later found out she helps manage the Catholic mass at RIT.  That evening I received an email from her.  I was right! She did want me to play but the only issue was that their service did not have a drum-set - "yet" - so she promised to mention this situation to her co-workers the following day. 

I received another email the following afternoon and "Operation drum-set shopping" was a GO!  Her co-workers who help run the Catholic mass approved.  We picked out and bought a drum-set the same day! This was all happening so fast but what can you say, "God works in Mysterious ways & He frowns on procrastination" :). That same week I played at mass, 5'oclock sharp in a suit and tie.  Not only was I noticeable through playing the drum-set but I was also the only only one in a suit and tie! Talk about "sticking out like a sour thumb". The experience was amazing! We all worshiped God with voices and interments and everyone that came was blessed from the "overall experience". I felt at peace.  Even though that Calculus exam was right around the corner (the following monday morning) I was happy to invest my free time in something that brought me sincere joy.

I guess the moral of this short story is to do what you love and follow your heart. Too many of us have put a hold on a lot of the things that have made each of us happy for years, when entering college.  Remember that sport you use to play way back in high school? The one that taught you so much about leadership and teamwork? Or that instrument you played that brought you so much joy? The same one you used to free yourself of stress caused by parents, relationship issues, and school.  Or cooking/baking, photography, and other things you had deep passions for?  Why not continue them? Don't you think we'd be a little less stressed if we brought back a few of those things that we were personally passionate about? Think about it. . . . As a matter-of-fact…"act" on it.  I promise you it will be one of best decisions you've ever made; I'm a living testimony to prove it ^_^!

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