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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 28 February 2007. Posted in Student Life

i have a love-hate relationship with technology. when my hard drive died last year, i was ready to throw my laptop out a window. but i couldn't. i am hopelessly addicted to facebook and if i leave the house without my cell phone, i feel naked. i worked at apple over the summer and loved every moment of it and my one requirement for a hotel is wireless internet.

my current gripe is the internet.

the internet is fabulous. the internet lets me stay in touch with old friends. the internet lets me check how much money i have in my account and see if i'm about to go over on my cell phone bill. this past week reminded me of how much i love the internet. i was doing some homework when an instant message from my friend, chloe, popped up. i've known chloe since eighth grade and she goes to suny plattsburgh right now. not exactly local. chloe doesn't even bother to say hi, she just says "sharon shaved her head." i've known sharon since i was six. she's a little competitive. when i signed up for the test date for my driver's license, she went and signed up for the day before. chloe had signed onto facebook and saw that sharon had changed her picture to a picture of her with a legit mohawk and her status informed her that the rest of the hair was going on saturday. chloe sent me the pictures and (after nearly dying from shock) i asked if she had showed jackel these yet. jackel goes to purdue in indiana. she said she hadn't, so later that night when i saw jackel sign on, i sent her the pictures. thanks to the internet, even though we are spread over the northeast, we were all able to enjoy the pictures within a day of the event happening. yay internet!!

but the internet has a downside. well, the fact that everybody at RIT is expected to have internet all the time has a downside. professors make things due at hours things aren't normally due at. mark sometimes has webassign homework that is due at midnight. he is allowed to hand it in sooner, but what self-respecting college student does homework in advance?? likewise, my final paper was due at noon today, to be submitted online. and since you submit it online, the computers know what time it is. the drop boxes close at exactly 12:00:00. if you submit it at 12:00:01, too bad. my other current gripe is that you are expected to respond RIGHT NOW. you get an email and if you don't answer it within an hour people think you're dead or something. lammeee.

i could go on with my gripes of love/hate. i could go on for a long long time. but i think i will spare you the pain.

ps - i am also addicted to ebay and this is dangerous to my wallet.