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Make it Rain!

Ariel Leitao on Monday, 12 January 2009. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

Yesterday I went to the men's basketball game with some of the girls on my crew team, and it was probably the best game I've ever seen.  We played against Ithaca, who were great opponents.  President Destler held the "Orange Hair Challenge," and which stipulates that he would dye his hair completely orange if all the stands were full.  Unfortunately we didn't quite make it to completely full, but there was a large amount of excited fans ready for the game.  Both teams were pretty equal in terms of talent (from my untrained basketball perspective), so each minute was packed with excitement.  Any time we scored a basket, Ithaca was right with us scoring on their next shot.  Now, since I don't know much about basketball I couldn't really tell you if either team was making spectacular plays or getting lucky, but to me the scoreboard is what really matters.  By the second half, Ithaca was up on us a few points, and many orange dye haired fans putting the pressure on our team to win big.  I personally think that my oversized "MAKE IT RAIN!" sign really did the trick, because we slowly started lessening the gap.  We got almost ten points ahead of Ithaca, and the reverse started happening with them catching up to us.  By the last minute, they were only two points away when we got a foul.  Ithaca nailed both shots, so we were tied and looking to go into overtime.  We got possession of the ball, and in the last couple seconds one of the guys threw up the ball from about the half line.  The buzzer rang, and everyone waited in anticipation to see what would happen. SWOOSH RIT WINS BY THREE POINTS.  The team rushed the court, and every single RIT fan was on their feet cheering, myself included.  Since watching the game, I've become somewhat inspired to learn a little bit more about basketball, but as for right now I'll cheer on what I know.