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Haley Blanchette on Wednesday, 10 August 2011. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors

So, my program likes a name change about every five years or so.  When I first came to RIT, my major, which is in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, was called New Media Publishing.  A few years before I entered the program, it was called Graphic Media.  Most recently, my major's name has changed to Media Arts and Technology but the core curriculum is remaining the same.

The main goal of the program in the School of Print Media has remained relatively the same but it simply adjusts to new technology and tries to remain modern and innovative.  Students learn to create text and images to publish across multiple platforms such as print, web, cell phone, or even tablet.  It’s about publishing content to any audience through any type of media.  We have the ability to communicate to millions of people and also make those messages personal.  In the School of Print Media, students become skilled in traditional publishing, new media production, and database management.  As a result, we will work closely with designers, marketers, photographers, and other professionals in the field of publishing.  Graduates find careers at advertising agencies, marketing firms, publishing companies, website developers, and many other fields.

Even though it took some adjusting, I really do like the new name.  The term "new media" was considered innovative about a decade ago- so how long can something actually be considered new before it becomes old?  Media Arts and Technology has a nice fresh ring to it.  Also, it combines two of the main courses of study at RIT: technology and art.  Even though my major is in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, we do very little work with art.  I have never taken a drawing or painting class at RIT; however, I take a lot of courses that require work in Photoshop and InDesign- which are two programs often used by design students.

I am looking forward to completing my concentration in Contemporary Publishing over the next few academic quarters.  This Fall, I am taking Color Management Systems and Media Law.  In Color Management Systems, I will learn how to optimize quality color reproduction which means making sure the colors on computer monitors match the colors on the prints.  In Media Law, I will learn about the philosophical and constitutional foundations of free expression in relation to the publishing business.

I will also take some courses towards my minor in Advertising and Public Relations.  In the Fall, I plan to speak with my advisor and explore my options for taking an additional minor in business.  The business minors that most appeal to me are Business Administration, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship.  I believe that I can find the time to do this.  I know that it will be a lot of work, but I also know that it will be worth it.  RIT's E. Phillip Saunders College of Business is rated in the top 5% of Business schools in the country and a Business Minor will enable me to apply to a wider variety of positions after I graduate.

With a degree in Media Arts and Technology, a Minor in Advertising and Public Relations, and a possible business minor, I hope to have a versatile and comprehensive set of skills to employ after graduation.