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Meet and Greet!

Emma Rogers on Wednesday, 19 June 2013.

A big hello to all upcoming freshmen, and everyone else who checks into the RIT Ambassador posts! My name is Emma Rogers, and I have recently been hired as a RIT Brick City Ambassador, as well as a member of the Social Media team through Admissions! It's an honor for me to have the potential to reach out to all of you, the soon to be incoming freshmen here at the Rochester Institute of Technology! 

It feels like just yesterday I was scrambling to sign up for my housing assignment online, calling RIT to ask what meal plan to get (because what does 10,12, and 14 mean anyway??) and getting the right bedding for my new extra long twin bed. So many changes was I about to embark on, and now I am able to say I happily survived life as a first year student! It was an experience unlike any other, rich in opportuntities the minute you enter the city of orange and brown. The most valuable piece of advice I can give is to take advantage of each opportunity that comes in your direction. Seize it, make it yours, and if you come to discover that it's not the fit for you, guess what? You have now learned something about yourself that you would never have known otherwise! 

If you're at all curious, here are some personal fun facts! 

  • I grew up in Webster NY, a suburb not too far from RIT's Henrietta. I live 5 minutes from Lake Ontario!
  • RIT was my number 1 school
  • I successfully changed majors and transferred into a new college at RIT- I transitioned from the Liberal Arts College to the Saunders Business School during my freshmen year. 
  • I don't watch any television besides Friends re-runs (and that occasional Big Bang Theory episode, because who doesn't love nerds?)
  • I play trumpet and I'm relearning the piano
  • I will be an RA next year on the 4th floor of Ellingson, so if you happen to be living there we'll get to know each other well!
  • This summer I will be visiting Montreal for a few days to attend the Osheaga Music Festival! I can't put into words how stoked I am to hear The Cure live, not to mention Beach House, Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, and that guy who started Harlem Shake.   

So that is just a simple snippet on myself. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my future blog posts! I will be writing a series on the unique, lesser known places to visit when you become a Rochesterian, and what to expect on the res hall side of campus.

I hope everyone enjoys each day of their summer break, because we'll be back at our beloved Brick City hitting the books before we know it! 


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