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Meeting Maroon 5!

Patricia Schiotis on Sunday, 08 November 2009. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

As I mentioned before, I am a huge Maroon 5 fan, and I love the CAB events offered here on campus.  On Friday night, the College Activities Board brought Maroon 5 to the RIT campus.  It was definitely epic, and a great escape from the stresses of the college life.  I went with a big group of friends, and we jammed to the lovely melodies from Adam Levine!


A group of my friends were crazy, and showed up an hour early to stand outside in the freezing cold.  But I just showed up when the doors opened and still got to stand right in front of the stage with them. The view of the show was amazing, I felt as if I could almost touch Adam.  I knew all of the songs played, and loved grooving to the sounds by the band.  But the best part didn’t occur until after the show.


I was walking back from the Gordon Field House over to the residential side of campus (don’t worry, it is only a very short walk).  We passed behind the Field House, and noticed all the tour buses outside.  Then a brilliant idea came into mind, let’s try to wait for Maroon 5 to come outside.  Obviously they have to come out this way, so we might as well try to meet them.


So on a fall night in Rochester, we waited outside.  My friends and I almost gave up hope, but then JAMES VALENTINE (a guitarist from Maroon 5) came outside!  We got pictures with him, and were all freaking out.  We were talking it up with the guitarist, when all of a sudden, we see ADAM LEVINE appear from the side of the bus.  No one really noticed, but my friends and I did.  So we went over and got pictures with him!   I was lucky enough to get my own photo with him, and for him to sign my ticket stub (which is hanging in my room underneath my signed photo from Taylor Swift).  After the few brief, yet legendary moments of meeting him, we decided it was time for us to go back and brag about our adventures to all of our friends.


I know we are lucky at RIT to have such a fantastic College Activities Board, and cannot wait to see what other events will occur in the coming quarters!