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Erin Hazeltine on Tuesday, 17 February 2009. Posted in Majors & Minors, Student Life

I went on a computer crazy frenzy this weekend, basically my boyfriend got me to put all of these “applications” on my computer that protect me from bad people (hackers) and give me ease to life and all this stuff. He is a Systems Administration and Forensics major, so all this hacking stuff yea that’s him! Pre-coming to RIT I had my computer it worked it did what I wanted it to do and that was that, but this past weekend I updated my computer to the max!

I started with the first application (I don’t know what these are actually called, as I am not quite a computer “junkie” …yet!) but the first thing I installed was LastPass Password, according to their website they are “an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure.” ie it generates strong passwords for you if you so choose, and it will fill in all those forms that ask you all the same questions, if you chose. So basically I have one strong password that I have memorized (or am working on memorizing) and then once I get that down it fills in the rest of my passwords and usernames so that I can have very strong passwords, that I don’t have to remember, and that are hard to get hacked from those outside people! All of this you can choose to save your passwords and usernames, what kept me happy was that I could pay my credit card bill when I wasn’t at my apartment (and stop getting late fees, ok that happened once but still) I have a VERY long password that is protected and I don’t have to memorize it whoopee! (He’s probably going to tell me the real importance of this application, but those are the importances to me! So ill keep you up to date on the Sys. Admin. and Forensics POV on this!)

The second thing I learned was all about Gmail and its true uses, aka filters! WHAT! I did not realize how cool filters were, I am sure all you knew about this if you have a Gmail I’m just behind the times, but I am quickly catching up! But for those of you who don’t know about filters, in Gmail you have filters and labels, ithey are basically so you can easily organize your inbox. You can set up messages from specific addresses to go to specific “folders” so you either see them and then you archive them or they completely skip your inbox or however you chose. And I also learned that I can get my RIT email to my Gmail account and then I can reply to messages from my RIT email account to my Gmail as if its coming from my RIT account, craziness! So now my inbox is all organized and pretty (yea I am graphic design looks are very important!) I also put a sweet theme to my Gmail account.

So I have those 2 additions and then there’s also ad-block, which basically gives you more text and less annoying ads, plus it helps the page load quicker cause there are fewer large sized files. (It’s a Firefox add-on FYI) So WebPages like won’t have those annoying popup ads when I am already late to class but then I have to wait 30 seconds cause inevitably I click on the ad and then it has to load…

Something that the admissions office is doing is twitter, so I decided to try it. I set up a username and what not and then my boyfriend saw and got really excited cause he now had a use for twitter, he a had a follower and someone to follow, twitter words (it sounds so stalkerish… the whole thing is a little stalkerish) it’s basically a mini blog, so like 1 or 2 sentences of you status, think facebook status but like that’s all it is…It’s really addicting, I have my boyfriends account nad one other accound set to my phone so whenever they update I get a text message that they updated and I can update right from my phone! (What is this world coming to? And im falling for it all!)

And then there’s Stumbleupon, which you should NEVER get during weeks 8-11 BAD IDEA! Let me tell you from experience! But basically Stumbleupon you give them your interests and then it searches the internet and gives you webpages that fit you interests. So it’s really interesting because you learn about websites you never knew were out there.  You can click that you “like it” and it will save it for you or you can “dislike it” and it will not give you sites similar to it again, then you can look at your friends stuff to see what they are interested in, or you can “stumble” a page and then it will get in the stumpleupon “database” I don’t know the correct term, to do this it is a webpage that has never been found before by a “stumbler” and then you as the finder fill out a very brief form so that the stumbleupon database knows who might like it according to interests. I love this thing but it is also addicting because you want to know what the next site will be…you never know.
First 3 websites that came up when I pressed “Stumble;”

I think those are all the upgrades I have done over the past week, but it’s pretty exciting. I guess I should get back to work, after all it is week 10… EEK!