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Microsoft Internship

Joe Conley on Wednesday, 15 March 2006. Posted in Co-op

So while I was down on vacation, Microsoft called me to inform me they're offering me a 6 month co-op (or paid internship for those of you unfamiliar with RIT) at their Issaquah, WA campus near Redmond and Seattle from July through November.

When I stopped jumping up and down with joy, I called the the recruiter to talk about the detauls of the job. I'll be working with .NET, MS SQL Server and other web technologies. The pay is extremely good, on par with a very respectable starting salary, and they'll give me money to find a place to live on top of that, not to mention paying to get me and my stuff out there, and helping to cover the cost of getting back and forth to work.

It promises to be an amazing time, and it should greatly improve my resume.