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Missing Home

Erin Supinka on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life, Vacation / Break

Even as a third year at RIT, I still find myself getting homesick from time to time. I really miss my family, boyfriend, puppy and all the comforts of home that my school apartment just seems to be missing.

Especially during the holidays. It's always a hard time of year for me, being home for Thanksgiving and sharing the holiday with my family and starting the preparation for Christmas to only leave to come back to classes.

I try decorating my apartment. I have two Christmas trees, stockings, garlands - basically the whole shebang when it comes to decorations, in my apartment

(Budget tip of the day: I wait until Christmas is over and everything goes on super sale and buy it when it's ridiculously cheap. I got a 7 foot, pre-lit Christmas tree for 60 bucks this most recent Black Friday! And the lights can change from white or multi-colored with the tap of a switch! So cool! But that's another post.)

I bake lots of cookies, organize a Secret Santa and Christmas dinner with some of my closer friends and even play Christmas music nonstop.


But still, it's just not the same without family around. Thankfully though, winter break does let me get home in time for my family's holiday celebration, New Year's and then Orthdox Christmas as well.

I always earned the "wanderer" badge whenever my family would talk about who would stay close to home or be off exploring somewhere, barely making it back for holidays. My parents thought, without a doubt, I'd be the one, who'd barely make it in for each holiday or send a postcard as a substitute for my presence. 

They were horribly mistaken. I make it home every opportunity I get. I never turn down a chance to go home. It's a four hour drive to home and I rarely find a reason that a short visit home, isn't worth it.

If you ask my mom, she'd chalk most of my visits, to missing my boyfriend which I do, but I miss home just as much.

Don't get me wrong. I love school. I just love home too. Sometimes I want to be at one and other times I want to be at the other.

It's okay to be homesick and it's okay to miss home. When I'm feeling especially homesick and actually going home isn't an option, I call friends or get involved with something that occupies my time.

Going away to college not only helped me realize my independence, but also that family and time with them, is definitely not something to be taken granted for!


I can't wait for break! Have a great holiday everyone!

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