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Morning Person

Arthur Johnston on Wednesday, 28 February 2007. Posted in Student Life

One of Benjamin Franklin's most famous quotes is “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”And although I admire Franklin both for his lechery and his statesmanship up until recently I couldn't have disagreed more. Genetically speaking I am not a morning person. Up through my sophomore year in high school short of dragging me out of bed there was nothing my mom could do to wake me. Shouting only worked temporarily and throwing the dog on the bed was like giving me a warm stuffed animal to snuggle with. Suffice to say it was rare to see me perky before noon.

Summer of my freshman year in highschool I got my first real job at a convenience store called WaWa. I worked mainly during the week but when the school year rolled around I had to work exclusively during the weekend. Now I'm no social butterfly but I do enjoy hanging out with my friends and working during the weekend was taking up all of my time. I couldn't quit the job, not just because I needed the money but because I liked the feeling of being responsible. The only solution to this impasse was to work the morning shift. The morning shift required I be at work by 6:00 AM and since my mom sure as hell wasn't getting up to make sure I got off to work on time I had to become responsible about getting up. This job was also what that turned by generally social addiction to caffeine into a purely practical one. Getting to work wasn't that hard and neither was staying awake. Unfortunately I was a cashier which meant I also had to be alert enough to handle money. Now this quickly led me to be alert in the morning.

My freshman year in college undid all this good work though. I never had any class earlier than 10 am so getting up early just did not happen. My sophomore year though I started rowing, which led me to getting up at around 4:30. This is now my third year of crew and it has gotten to the point that even when I have a week of no morning practice I still wake up at 6:00 at the latest. I have now become a morning person and I am not sure how I feel about that.