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Patricia Schiotis on Monday, 17 September 2012. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors

As a 5th year engineering student, I have reached my capstone design course: Senior Design. During the fall and winter quarters, I will be working with my assigned team which includes another mechanical engineer, 2 computer and 2 electrical engineers to design and build our project. Our assignment is to create an un-tethered ankle-foot orthotic. Basically our project will have sensors attached to an orthotic to help control ankle motion when the user is walking on all terrains (flat ground, ramps, and stairs). We are still in the early stages of our design and developing our system design. After we get approval, we will continue through the rest of senior design 1 to make the detailed design for our project, and in senior design 2, we will start building.

Another key aspect of senior design is the group work. Usually in your classes, you work with students in your engineering major. Senior design unites all the engineering disciplines to work together for the design. This class also brings together everything learned within your time at RIT to help finish the project. For my team, I am a mechanical engineer, but I also get to use my skills for the minor I have added in engineering management and I will be serving as our project lead. I was also placed on the project where I can apply some of the technical electives I have taken in the bioengineering track, and will be useful when I pursue my dream to work in quality for medical devices. Click here for the archive of past projects.

So between Senior Design, and the co-op experience, all engineers will have a strong resume and amazing skills to bring with them when they seek full time employment after graduation!

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  • Alankrita


    08 July 2016 at 09:36 |
    As a fifth year building understudy, I have achieved my capstone outline course: Senior Design. Amid the fall and winter quarters, I will work with my relegated group which incorporates another mechanical architect, 2 PC and 2 electrical specialists to outline and manufacture our venture. Our task is to make an un-fastened lower leg foot orthotic. Fundamentally our undertaking will have sensors appended to an orthotic to control lower leg movement when the client is strolling on all territories (level ground, inclines, and stairs). We are still in the early phases of our configuration and building up our framework plan. After we get endorsement, we will proceed through whatever remains of senior configuration 1 to make the nitty gritty outline for our undertaking, and in senior outline 2, we will begin building.

    Another key part of senior outline is the gathering work. More often than not in your classes, you work with understudies in your designing major. Senior configuration joins all the building controls to cooperate for the outline. This class additionally unites everything learned inside your time at RIT to complete the task. For my group, I am a mechanical designer, yet I additionally get the opportunity to utilize my abilities for the minor I have included building administration and I will serve as our undertaking lead. I was likewise set on the undertaking where I can apply a portion of the specialized electives I have taken in the bioengineering track, and will be valuable when I seek after my fantasy to work in quality for therapeutic gadgets.
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