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Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 13 February 2008. Posted in Athletics, Concerts, The Arts

The weekend here at RIT was pretty exciting.

Friday night Jack's Mannequin played here and it was pretty amazing.  Lead singer Andrew McMahon is incredible to watch live.  As a lead singer who plays the piano some might worry that he would be confined to the piano and it would be kind of boring to watch.  This is blissfully not the case.  He runs around, he stands up, he jumps on the piano keys, and he dives into the crowd.  Seriously, go see him if he's in your area.
Also check out this clip from the opening of the show:

Saturday night was the hockey game.  And what a game it was.  First of all, my lovely friend Ricky came up from Brockport and that was amazing.  Then in the third period, there was a huge fight that consisted of all 10 players on the ice as well as the two goalies.  It resulted in 225 penalty minutes and 6 game disqualifications.
Check out the fight:

I returned home Saturday to this amazing steak dinner my roommates had made.  And then Sunday morning Stacy and Brian and I went to this little diner by our house which I've been banned from talking about lest I infringe on Stacy's blog topic dibs.

So with that, I return to my previously scheduled event (class)