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My Co-op

Casey Bitzberger on Thursday, 25 March 2010. Posted in Co-op

I am one of the lucky few New Media Publishing majors to have gotten an amazing Co-op aboard the Queen Mary 2. The Cunard Cruise Line ( is world renowned for their beautiful fleet of queen ships including the Elizabeth, the Victoria, and its premier ship the Queen Mary! I and several of my friends within my major interviewed for the job and all of us were hired (another ambassador named Jane Homan was also one of the lucky few).


















I’ll be going on the ship the fall after I graduate from RIT to fulfill my 2 co-op requirement in a 6 month block of time. The job includes traveling around the world for 6 months, getting paid to do it, and running a printing press and taking care of menus, over 6 newspapers in different languages, and anything else that needs printing. I will be traveling to places like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and since Cunard is based in the United Kingdom, I’ll go there very often. The places I am really excited to see are Germany, Norway, Spain, Monoco, Italy, Portugal, St. Lucia, Barbados, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand!


Some of the amazing things that the ship offers are bars, lounges, Canyon Ranch Spa, Empire Casino, nightclubs, champagne bar, amazing restaurants, and the Royal Court Theatre that has live musicals! This ship is amazing and it’s huge!


When I got the job I couldn’t believe it. This is the top job of my major that countless other students would love to have and I’m being given an amazing opportunity by being allowed to go aboard. Half of my very large family claims that they’re already booking vacations and can’t wait to see me in uniform.


Even though I am all set with Co-op’s and technically don’t have to take anymore, I want to take one this summer as well. I believe that Co-op’s are an important part of learning, making connections, and finding out what it is one really loves and wants to do. Hopefully, I’ll get a job this summer and it can help me in many ways!