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My college essay

Arthur Johnston on Wednesday, 17 January 2007. Posted in Co-op, Coursework

Now I know that many of my faithful readers are in fact reading my blog not just for the joy of my intellectual outpourings but also to learn more about RIT, its students and whether it is the right school for you. While going through my old computer files I found the admissions essay I wrote for RIT. Below you will find it in all its high school glory. The part that made me laugh the hardest was the line "Although I am not really interested in sports R.I.T. has at least two clubs that interest me." I currently am on my third year on the crew team and have not actively participated in either of the clubs that I was initially interested in.


There are two major reasons that I applied to R.I.T. First was the fact that R.I.T. teaches in a hands on fashion. The other is that R.I.T. seems to promote being a well balanced person.

What made R.I.T. stand out from other colleges that had a Computer Science program was that R.I.T. has a hands on program. R.I.T. starts teaching programming courses in the first year. At other colleges you did not start learning on computers until your sophomore year. Also R.I.T. has a mandatory Co-op program so that I can learn from professionals who are working in the industry while I am still in school. Most others schools do not even have a Co-op program. R.I.T. also has a lab specifically for Computer Science majors. Some other colleges forced Computer Science majors to share with the general population.

The other major reason is that R.I.T. seems to want its students to be well rounded individuals. R.I.T. requires that at least one fourth of the credits that you take are liberal arts. This means that when I graduate from R.I.T. I will not just be educated about programming. R.I.T. also has a wide spectrum of clubs and organizations. Ranging from a swing dance club to a electronics club there is a club for almost any interest. Although I am not really interested in sports R.I.T. has at least two clubs that interest me. When I graduate R.I.T. I think that I will be a more rounded than had I gone somewhere else.
R.I.T. offers students hands on experience in your major, which is one of the reasons that I like it. It also allows for a broad range of activities to suit all interests. The reason that I am applying to R.I.T. is that R.I.T. emphasizes learning a major a well as becoming a well rounded individual.