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my SIXTEENTH first day of school

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 05 September 2007. Posted in Co-op

the novelty has definitely worn off a bit. and third year? totally kicking my butt.

i really miss back in the day when the first day of school meant wearing a new outfit and your mom taking your picture in front of the school bus. you were excited to see who was in your class and all the teacher did the first day was talk about what the rest of the year was going to be like and MAYBE make you play a game. *sigh* college is def not like that.

so what's your first day of classes at college like? well, for starters, you don't have all your classes on the first day. in fact, some of your classes might not meet until the end of the week for the first time. also, your classes probably aren't all in the same building. neither is the cafeteria. and most of you won't have a locker. luckily, you will know who is going to be in your class before the first day of school. can tell you what classes your taking, tell you who's taking them with you, and also provide you with notes and homework if your professor chooses to put them up there. so you get to class and after everybody introduces themself, you get down to business. on the first day. and yes, you will be assigned homework if you haven't been already. after class, you will go to the book store and spend two week's pay on a used textbook.

one more thing before i get back to the mountain of homework i have -- CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE!!!         it's aimed at all of the rochester-area college students (there's a lot of them). it has guides to different neighborhoods and restaurants and recaps some goings-on in the rochester area. it also has movie reviews and other things that would interest college students no matter where they are. so definitely check that out. even you ambassadors out there.