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My summer plans!

Erin Hazeltine on Monday, 28 June 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Co-op, Institute Requirements, Majors & Minors

I am back on the face of the earth! I know I haven’t updated since January I have just been a busy beaver I guess.

Somewhere around two months ago school was coming to an end for the year, final projects, surgery, summer plans, physical therapy, more projects…you get the idea. But I had NO CLUE what I was doing for the summer, I knew I needed/wanted a co-op/internship, but they just weren’t coming after many. Many cover letters, resume updates job site sign ups…! I had an interview the week before finals back in Massachusetts, my dad flew from Boston to pick me up and drove me home because I Couldn’t drive, due to my surgery. I interviewed thought it went well, never (still to this day) heard back from them. This seemed to be the trend among friends and acquaintances. It still isn’t a great time to get jobs out there… but I learned to never give up.

I decided it was time, time to email admissions and see if they still wanted me ;) still needed my help, and fortunately for me they did. I spent two weeks home not knowing what I was going to be doing the next day let alone the next week, next month and that just wasn’t for me. So a week later I was back in Rochester for the summer.

A week into working at the admissions office I received a phone call, wondering if I was available for an interview. They had looked over my portfolio and would love for me to come in. I had no clue who this person was, how he had found me and what not, and I had already committed to the admissions office, but hey it doesn’t hurt to interview. That day I went in for an interview, thought it went well came home all nervous and not knowing what to expect. The next day I had the job! Why can’t they all just come from a friend of a cousin who worked there last year!?

So after 2 weeks of having absolutely nothing to do this summer except for spend time with my parents (who I really miss!) I am working over 50 hours a week, between the RIT admissions office and EMA Design Automation

So the lesson is you may never expect where things will come from but if you try and don’t give up something good will come of it! So keep trying and don’t give up, I was a millimeter away from giving up, but I held strong at most times. ;)


And I am excited to see what Rochester has in store for the summer....!