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My Summer's Conclusion

Josh Kramer on Thursday, 13 August 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Majors & Minors, Orientation, Residence Life

Wow, it has been a month since I have written one of these. I have hardly had time to breathe this summer. I just finished my summer job as a counselor at the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. It was an amazing experience, but I'm glad to have the break. Being a Residential Assistant there has made me much less nervous about becoming an RA this year at RIT.
While I was at CTY I ran activities from friendship bracelet making to capture the flag. I also ran a Learn to Juggle activity, which went really well. I made a website for the kids using my RIT server space. You can find it here.  I also juggled for the Talent Show. My performance is on YouTube, and is embedded 

After I came home from Baltimore I went to Cooperstown, NY to visit my grandparents, who were there for a national little league championship that my cousin is in. We got back last night, and I could really use some rest time.

But that isn't going to happen. On Sunday I am visiting a friend in Boston, then going to see my other grandparents in the city. I will have 3 or 4 days to pack, and then back to RIT! So even though there is little rest, RIT can't come soon enough.

At the end of spring quarter I added a Computer Science minor to my Electrical Engineering major. I wanted to do an Information Technology minor, but one isn't offered. Since I already know how to program in a few languages, I'm trying to test out of the first 2 classes. The test is during freshman orientation week, so I should study (and actually learn the stuff!) by then.

Hopefully my next entry is a little sooner than a month from now. To any freshmen who read this, have a great end of your summer, and see you on campus. You are in for a pretty cool ride!