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Nap time?

Jon-derek Castagno on Sunday, 15 October 2006.

Howdy all. The “G Men” and I have the same routine on Sunday’s and it is a bit annoying, we get up go to church get back around 11 or 12. then we sleep for 3 hours at least. So the whole day is gone, even though we got up at 8:30. how the hell does that happen? To make matters worse today we didn’t get up till 4 pm!! We don’t sleep till 2 am or so but still we wasted so many hours. I have no idea what we would do during that time but it something we could be doing like homework

My 340 (computer platform fundamentals) group meet this morning at 11 am to go over our project and presentation that we are doing Tuesday evening. It wasn’t that good, only half the group showed up and we didn’t do much expect say go do this then we meet later. But I am at least happy we got something done but I am not looking forward to the presentation if we don’t make it great.

-The Coolest Dude Ever