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Near Death. Very Scared am I (Yoda Speak)

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 08 June 2006.

So today we were in Hot Springs, AK. The night was horrible, so very hot camping at the KOA. and the humidity was probably 1000%!, because of the uncomfortable night of sleep we got up around 6am and left at 6:30am we booked it out, on our way out we saw a mountain we could hike in hopes of finding the famous "Hot Springs" so we started our trek around 7am, with 1 Nalgene (32oz) and a camera and sun classes. The trail we were going to do was an 18 mile loop. So we started on it, after about 3 maybe 4 miles in we can to a split in the road, and it was not marked as to which way to go, of course we ended up taking the wrong one, it must have been a dead trail because we were bush whacking forever. Finally after another 2 miles we came to a road. It was very steep there were signs saying it was a 25% grade hill. For the whole hike we had been going up, so we decided to go down... what another mistake. After 30 minutes we come to houses and ask for directions. Our worst fears had been set true; we went the wrong way and were about 12 miles to our car. No one was willing to give us a ride so we started the arduous journey back to our car, our water promptly ran out at the time I am dying from pain and exhaustion (I hate, I mean hate hills) then a truck with a broken windshield pulls up and the guy opens the door, a bee attempts fly’s out and he beats it to death with his hand. He offers us a ride and we are so relieved that we won’t die. We start to talk and then he drops a bomb on us. "Just so you all know I am a full blooded Gypsy, I know you all may have heard bad things about us, but I won’t kill you" exact quote, my friend and I suddenly become terrified. But we make it out alive!
So back to our car we decided to get the hell out of Arkansas. We couldn’t find the interstate for 2 hour.... we kept driving back and forth this 12 mile road trying to find it, ask for directions and no one knows, I pass out because of exhaustion and wake up an hour or so later and we still can’t find it. What the hell is going on? Through some chance of luck we find it and get the hell out of there on our way to Dallas the night of the first game of the NBA finals. I will tell you all what happens next.
-The Coolest Dude Ever