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New Quarter Jitters & Schedule!

Emily Okey on Monday, 28 November 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework

Got back from a good Thanksgiving break. One that involved driving from Rochester, NY to Ithaca, NY to Hershey, PA to Maryland, Chicago then Green Bay, Wisconsin. Quite the whirlwind tour but it was a nice week off from classes filled with pie! I'm back in Rochester all settled in and this morning was the first class of the quarter.

You'd think after 11 quarters at RIT, I would have gotten rid of the new quarter jitters. Yet, last night in looking over some of the class requirements seeing the entire quarter laid out on a piece of paper seems rather daunting! 

I'm taking quite a full course load yet again. As a senior, the majority of the classes that I'm taking are up to me. We have to complete basic requirements such as having 3 design courses and over 12 credits but the actual classes are entirely up to us!  

The line up for this quarter:

Packaging Design

Editorial Design

Building a Web Business

Art History since 1950

Independent Study

Advanced Interactive Design

I've only had one class so far so I can't tell you yet exactly what each will be like. But I do know that they are going to be keeping me quite busy! I was hoping to sneak a calligraphy or typography design class in there but I would enjoy sleeping occasionally so I think not. 

I'm going to take full advantage of my beginning of the quarter motivation and try to get all of my projects off to a good start! Hopefully I can keep the motivation around until week three (when Winter Break starts!).

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