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Nice News Site and Java

Jon-derek Castagno on Wednesday, 18 January 2006.

So I am a news junkie, anything from sports to politics to electronic. I stumbled across a website called Newsvine it is phenomenal. It’s like vines I would say where articles and branch off each other into other articles. You can also create your own new stories AND get paid for it. It is currently in the beta phase of the site so it is invite only; it took me about 3 weeks to get into it. Totally signup on their site it is so nice, I have never encountered so much news before. The best part though is the discussions that occur between the members, very intelligent and very cool. Here are some slogans for Newsvine:

  • "Get Smarter Here"

  • "Smart Agronomists Seed Newsvine

  • "Your news, your views, your Newsvine."

  • "Newsvine - The evolution of news"

Oh there so funny, I love them

I am very busy this week not much time for me to relax, Math is really starting to kill me so much work that is assigned and due very early because we have a test this week. Java HW3 was the hardest thing I have done in java but I enjoyed doing it….for the most part, but I got such a nice thrill from finishing it.

Song I am listening to: “Posters” by Jack Johnson from J.O.A.T.
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