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No Shave November - The End

Josh Kramer on Tuesday, 24 November 2009. Posted in Life After RIT, Residence Life, Student Life

It's Thanksgiving break! I'm at home and enjoying the wonders of freshly cooked meals, frustratingly slow internet, my warm furry dogs, and actually needing to drive places. I am also with my family. I love my family, but every time I have a hint of facial hair they make a huge fuss about it. So, to save my tolerance for my wonderful relatives, I have dropped out of No Shave November.

I sort of did finish it. If you remember, I did start a little bit early, so the fact that I shaved on Friday means that I did have a full month's worth of hair.


If you roll your cursor across the black bar underneath the side profile of me, you can see a 360 degree view of my final hair.


I decided to have a little fun while taking off the hair. I started off with a goateee and sideburns.


After that I took off the sideburns. I thought that they didn't do too much, and that it looked better this way (not great, just better).


I went straight for the mustache. I think I looked somewhat hispanic with a mustache. My girlfriend absolutely hated this look, and begged me to take it off even before she snapped the picture.


This is how I look clean shaven! I personally like it most when I have 4 or 5 days of scruff on, but that's me.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and for those of you who are sticking with it through the holiday, good luck with your families!