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Not So Bar Hopping

Jeff Maher on Saturday, 14 January 2006. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

Ok. Answer me this. It's Friday night, you're a college student, and over the age of 21 - what should you do to fill the evening? That's right. Go coffee shop hopping. If you're not doing it, then you're clearly not one of the cool kids :-P.

After collecting several of my friends, we set off to begin our fun-filled evening. Since our stomachs were rather on the empty side, we decided to spring for the Olive Garden for some Italian goodness. A little on the pricey side, but we were all really craving tomato sauce and needed our daily supplement of lycopenes. Unfortunately, the wait was over an hour long, so we opted to go clog our hearts with a healthy dose of burgers and fries at Ruby Tuesday. Mmmm. Cholestrol. No seriously, it tasted great!

Following the food, we all agreed "onward and hither to" to the downtown Rochester coffee shops. The first stop off was the The Spot. Granted, I don't get around to that many coffee shops, but I find it safe to say The Spot is the hugest coffee shop I've been in. Statospheric ceilings, giant menu, polychromatic bathrooms, and the smallest tables ever. It also had that trendy feel you'd expect to see in any Hollywood-esque coffee house.

After taking in our surroundings, our coffee hopping adventure took an ironic turn. None of us liked coffee. This came to light as all of us ordered and got things like chai lattes or hot chocolates, yet NO COFFEE., when I planned this, I thought that everyone BUT me liked it. As my Persuasion professor puts it, "Talk about missing the target audience." Heh...oh well, the tea and pie was AWESOME!

Next stop: Java's. If you're an RIT student, you might be thinking, why go all the way downtown when there is a Java's (a.k.a. Java Wally's) right on campus? Uhm...the voices told us to...

But see, this is where the second "booboo" in planning happened. We knew (or so we thought we did :-)) that it was on East Ave., but our little battalion of non-coffee drinkers never actually found Java's. Instead, we wondered several blocks up and down East Ave staking out places we should go when spring (and particularly the associated weather) comes around. Having initially left for our adventure around 7pm, we decided to end our wondering around 10:30pm in favor of watching The Excorcism of Emily Rose at my apartment. By the way, scary movie....*shiver*.

The Spot

Here's a picture of us at The Spot. Left to right: Eric, Baxter, Me, Ceramic Dog, Karl, and Chris.

Eastman Theatre

During our journey, we walked past the Eastman Theatre. Truly a sight to behold...