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Cynthia Roberts on Tuesday, 03 July 2007. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework

*I'll have you know I started writing this an hour ago and was just about to upload it when my computer here I go again from scratch*

Okay. so I'm feeling much better.  On a pain scale of 10-1 I think I'm down to a 1.  This is happy happy happy.

How did this happen might you ask?  Well, towards the end of the week I found myself not getting any better.  So I decided to get up and move.  My whole family was getting together for my grandfathers 75th birthday on Prudence Island, which is in the harbor in Rhode Island, close to Bristol and Newport, you know if you swim like 8 miles.  Anyway, so I got convinced and headed down.  I had to stop a lot, to rest or take more medicine.  Not eating for a week had made me really weak.  

The house on Prudence is huge.  It was recently renovated and it holds a lot of people.  Given all this the house was packed.  I have 5 aunts and uncles.  They each have a spouse.  And all together I have 12 cousins, 9 of whom are under 10 years old.  Not to mention my family, and countless friends of the family.  So pretty much as soon as I arrived I packed it up and headed to the beach where I promptly fell asleep only to wake up every couple of hours to take more medicine.

But it worked.  The first day alone I felt like 50% better.  The next day we went out on a boat to watch the tall ships sail out of the harbor.  The tall ships are these giant, gorgeous boats.  They are traditionally rigged, some kind of look like old pirate ships.  You can check them out here if you want to learn more or actually see the me  I really like the ones with the upside down sails.

My aunt Meg has 5 of the 12 above mentioned kids.  Therefore, she has an au pair Elli.  Elli is from Germany.  The kids all speak fluent English and German, I think they're smarter than me.  Anyway, Elli is my age and she convinced me a kayak ride was in order.  So we went in a double kayak.  I was still too weak to really paddle, but lucky for me Elli is strong and got us around.  Unfortunately, we got on the wrong side of a motor boat and ended up flipping over.  We had to swim back to shore.  Luckily, we weren't that far out.  

And now I'm back.  I feel much better.  I get to go back to work at the library tomorrow and admissions on thursday.  

So now that we're caught up, I wanted to tell you guys about the registration process here at RIT.  Or more importantly the website I count on to get me to class.  As a freshman the first quarters schedule is done for you.  But after that you, yes you, have to get up at 6am to register. If you don't get a class you need, you can add it to unmet needs and they're pretty good about getting you into it.  

This weekend I got an email that my unmet need had been filled.  So I headed on over to the student information system to check out the other courses I had signed up for back in April or May.  And then I went here to check out my new schedule.   This site saves my life.  It actually gets me to class and most of the time I get there in time.

Additionally, Ive been listening to !!! (pronounced chk chk chk, which doesn't really help you at all).  They're pretty intense and make you want to dance which is all the really matters anyway.  Their website is also awesome.  

I think that's about all I've got for now.  Enjoy your holidays.